February is already here and spring is almost knocking on the door.

For many people spring is time to be out in nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun after the long winter. But, for an increasing amount of people, this season comes with a huge nuisance. ALLERGIES!!

Hay fever, itchy eyes, runny nose, and hives are few of the common symptoms. While over the counter medications are the first line of treatment, they are often comes with side-effects.

For those who are concerned from those Acupuncture offers another solution.

Recent studies show that Acupuncture is an effective treatment in relieving allergy symptoms and even preventing from them from occurring.  Acupuncture affects the immune system and its hypersensitivity to a normally harmless substance. Acupuncture is shown to be more effective when treatment begins before allergy season but still effective enough to relieve symptoms when they show up.

Yuval Blum