Yuval Blum, R.Ac

Classical Chinese Medicine Registered Acupuncturist

My name is Yuval Blum. I am a Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (R.Ac), registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO).

I graduated from a four year program from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Classical Chinese Medicine and in 2009 immigrated to Canada.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a modern variation of Chinese Medicine formed during the 20th century. I refer to myself as a Classical Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and not a TCM Acupuncturist as I received my education at a school focused on the authentic medicine that was practiced in China before the advent of TCM. My studies included tools, both philosophical and practical, that were left out during the formation of “Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Using these tools the treatment I provide has the potential to be elevated to levels that maximize the effectiveness of this amazing medicine, resulting in potentially fewer treatments, performed less frequently, and with the use of less needles.

My practice uses Acupuncture as the main tool of treatment. Other therapeutic tools such as Moxabustion, Cupping, breathing techniques, and dietary and life style consultation are added, when needed. My treatments are individualized to each patient’s needs using the different techniques and tools and combine the traditional wisdom integrated with the advancement of modern science.

I have extensive experience in treating a wide variety of health concerns including women’s health, male & female infertility, pain management, insomnia & sleep disorders, weight management, auto-immune conditions, emotional conditions, gastro-intestinal concerns, and many more.

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Why should I try Acupuncture?

One of the greatest achievements in our modern health care system is the continuing increase in life expectancy.
Although we live longer we have become more dependent on drugs to maintain our health. In Canada alone, six hundred million Drugs Prescriptions are written every year. That’s over 1.6 million per year.

A change is needed and that change begins with one phone call to your local holistic medicine practitioner. With an increase in the use of alternative and holistic medicine we can create a healthier community for us and for our next generation.

The essence of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is to promote a healthy life style and to prevent aliments and to do it all in a natural way that is free of accumulation drugs related life threatening side effects.

The use of acupuncture’s effectiveness in naturally treating a large variety of conditions creates a healthier society. Acupuncture and alternative medicine can help heal our community, allow us to live healthier, happier and longer, with less pain and stress and provide us with more quality time to spend with our loved ones.

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Health isn’t just the goal, it’s a way of living.

Classical Chinese Medicine vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine

The popular treatment known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is actually a modern early-mid 20th century modification of the 2000 year-old Chinese Medicine.

In the formation of TCM, important philosophical and practical doctrines from Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) were left out so as to simplify the medicine and to train new practitioners.

By simplifying the medicine, some of the deepest theoretical tools were neglected and in time overlooked.
The main differences between CCM and TCM are:


  • Health is an active process of nourishing life in order to maximize one’s potential
  • Individual diagnosis and treatment
  • Treating according to individual assessment in conjunction with universal factors of time & space
  • Treating the whole person in a holistic approach
  • Mind is primary to body
  • Treating according to one’s personal needs and constitution
  • Different treatment according to gender
  • Different treatment according to season
  • Different techniques for treating existing conditions and preventing future ailments


  • Health is defined as the absence of symptoms and ailments
  • Standardized diagnosis and treatment
  • Treating according to patterns using standardized formulas of points
  • Treating separate symptoms and systems in the body
  • Body is primary to mind
  • People with similar patterns will be treated similarly
  • No difference in treatment between genders
  • No consideration to the season
  • Similar principles for treatment and prevention of existing conditions