Spring is officially here! It’s time to leave our winter shelters, be out in nature and enjoy the warming sun. Spring in Chinese medicine is related to the Wood element. The Wood element is a symbol for growth and potential, movement and activity that emphasize this time as seen in nature.

In the eyes of the ancient Chinese Medicine the organ that belongs to the wood element is the Liver. The meaning of that is that in the season of the Wood, the spring, the Liver should be at his highest activity and at maximum function or for other people the Liver could tend to “suffer” more during this time. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a strong healthy Liver (Chinese Medicine Liver) will enjoy this time of the year, feel vital, be active and creative.

For other people that their Liver is less strong and healthy spring can be less joyfull. It means that instead of the strength of the Liver that get more significant it’s the weakness and deficiency that rises to the surface. This is one of the main reasons that lots of people suffers from various allergies, muscle and joints pain, get injured more often or any other seasonal symptoms or health concerns.

If any of the above sounds familiar and you want to work on your symptoms or more importantly prevent them, give as a call and find out more of how Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can benefit your health.