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Acupuncture Leaflet

Acupuncture An Ancient Method of Treatment Acupuncture is an ancient method of treatment, originated from China. The first scriptures and texts are dated from approximately 2.500 BC. They already give deep insight in matters as life, sickness, health and prevention. According to estimations, based on books and archaeological excavations, acupuncture exists more than 5.000 [...]

2013 Year Of The Snake

Many Chinese communities all over the world celebrated the Chinese New Year this month and welcomed the year of the snake. A short brief: According to ancient Chinese philosophy, there are two main cycles in nature representing the order of the universe. The first is a cycle of 10 (“stem”) and the second, a [...]

Acupuncture for pain relief

Pain or musculoskeletal complaints account for seven of the top ten conditions for which individuals use acupuncture. According to the theory of acupuncture, blockages in the flow of Qi, the bodily vital energy disrupt well-being and lead to illness. By stimulating acupuncture points, practitioners aim to clear up blockages and restore the client's health [...]